Roborumble Recap

Article by Razel Suansing

Photo by Manapo Ishikawa

This weekend, the much awaited Roborumble tournament took place. Bearcats of all ages had the pleasure of watching talented students as they battle to achieve the most coveted Roborumble trophy. As in previous years, there are ten ISM teams involved in the competition as well as teams from other local schools such as Beacon Academy and many more. However, an underlying goal for the ISM teams is qualifying for the Vex Formosa Competition to be held in Taipei in November.

 This year’s competition, titled “In the Zone” challenges students to design robots that pick up cones and transport these cones to various zones across the arena to get points. This is played on a 12 by 12 foot field. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance (made up of two teams) by stacking cones on goals, by scoring mobile goals in the zones, by having the highest stacks, and by parking robots. There are a total of 8 mobile goals, two stationary goals, and 80 cones. Each alliance will have 12 cones as match loads that can be loaded by team members during the match.

This year’s Robotics Bearcats are thrilled to be participating in the tournament and are challenge by this year’s task.

When asked about his inclination towards Robotics, sophomore Jason C. said that he enjoyed the freedom that Robotics gave him. “What’s really great about robotics is that there is almost no limit to what you can build, given the same parts and software. From the competition robots, to crane games, flame throwers, even Wall-E and R2-D2 have been built using the same parts (Vex Robotics). It allows you to bring your creativity to life and see it in action; the feeling of seeing that what you’ve built and coded works really is exciting and fulfilling. And with new technologies and ideas coming in every year, the possibilities are endless.”

Junior Sana S. says she enjoys Roborumble especially due to its competitive nature. “Roborumble is one of the two major robotics events of the year. It is unique in its nature as it is the final tournament of the competition season at ISM.”

Jason C. emphasizes the new additions that the Robotics club has implemented this year. “Roborumble this year is going to be more interactive and closer to the audience. As opposed to previous years, this year is more engaging and integrates the audience more; making it more exciting and enjoyable to watch. We’ll be displaying which teams are competing against each other during each match, so that everyone watching can know what’s going on, can follow along, and be able to cheer for their friends, classmates, and favourite teams rather than watching and being just an audience. “

The advancements in this year’s Roborumble is definitely an indication of the growing passion for Robotics in the ISM community. With the growing competitiveness and intensity of the Roborumble tournament, the increase in the caliber of the ISM Robotics program is more evident than ever. Bearcats can only expect prosperity for the Robotics program for years to come.