Top 10 Halloween Movies

Compiled By Louren Zhou

October’s starting which means Halloween is just around the corner! To get in the spirit of this spooky season, here is a list of some must-watch Halloween movies:


#10: Monster’s Inc

Starting off this list is Disney’s Monster’s Inc. Although this may not be the scariest film to watch this month, it is certainly a classic movie featuring monsters. Sophomore Sein K. says, “Monsters inc was probably one of the weirdest but most compelling movies that I have ever watched. It portrays how individuals despite their differences can always connect and grow off of each other. I think it’s something that we need to remember to this day.”


#9: The Conjuring

If you’d rather be watching a movie that sends chills down your spine, The Conjuring is a cult classic about a supernatural presence. This movie is frightening by itself, but it is also based on a real story, making it even more terrifying.


#8: Beetlejuice

Next on the list is Beetlejuice, a movie that’s comedic, frightening, and strange all in one. The movie focuses on a married couple, who die in a car accident, and come back to haunt their county residence.


#7: It

Just about everyone’s heard about It, the newest horror film to grace the big screen. This is a scary movie, that has a touch of comedic flare. That being said, if you have a fear of clowns, you may want to rethink watching this one.


#6: E.T.

E.T. is a classic film, great for people of all ages. In the narrative a child befriends an alien, and though it isn’t scary, it’s heart wrenchingly sweet. Sophomore Nadya A. says, “As a kid, I found ET really beautiful, seeing as it combined an exploration of a unique friendship with an alien. It was perfect for me, considering I’m easily scared but still love halloween.”


#5: Child’s Play

What’s even more scary than clowns?  Killer dolls. Although the sequel is already out, the first movie is arguably always better. In the film, a doll named Chucky sets out to haunt and kill a family. Perfect for Halloween night!


#4: Annabelle

Like Chucky, Annabelle is also about a possessed doll. If jump scares and gore are not your forte, this movie may not be the best for you. This is definitely one you should not watch with a younger audience.


#3: Casper

The movie Casper is not intended to be a horror flick in any way. Unlike most ghosts, Casper is a friendly one. This movie is a fantasy and a comedy, so perfect for a more feel-good movie binge session.


#2: The Exorcist

The Exorcist, is one of the most terrifying movies ever made. This movie is based loosely on actual events, and is recommended to anyone who wants a real scare this Halloween. Senior, Gian. K says, “I’ve never cried to a movie before except for this movie, it was terrifying.”


#1: Halloweentown

Halloweentown is the epitome of Halloween movies. Although this movie may not be the scariest, it is extremely entertaining, and a nostalgic classic. Senior Gabriela P. says, “Halloweentown was the apex of my childhood, it is aptly named and it’s a fun movie for the whole family, not too spooky.” This movie has romance, comedy, and action, making it perfect for anyone.