Travel Tips for Frequent Flyers

By Richa Shah

Traveling domestically and internationally is part and parcel of the lives of our Bearcats and the ISM community, whether it be through seasonal IASAS exchanges or school holidays. However, no matter how exciting it may seem, traveling has its downsides, some of which include long lines, flights, and delays at airports. To divert our minds from this horror, we usually try to find ways to ease the stresses travel creates. In order to help you, we have compiled a list of 5 useful tips for frequent flyers to refer to while planning their next vacation!


Basic essentials

It can be difficult to choose a specific amount of traveling essentials from a never-ending list, but here are some examples of items that will make your journey much more comfortable: a neck pillow, a water bottle, snacks, gadgets, books, magazines, or work, little activities like cards or crosswords, a sweater, headphones, chargers, your wallet, passport, and toiletries such as a toothbrush or hand sanitizer.


Save time

Skip the extremely long lines at the airport by checking in online and by carrying both a digital and printed copy of your tickets. This will save you a lot of time and energy that you would rather devote to other fun stuff at the airport!



Entertainment & Work


Entertain yourself by catching up on TV shows, films, and music! It would be a great idea to download these mood-boosters beforehand so that you can watch or listen whenever you feel like it. However, if reading is your source of entertainment, these long and disconnected hours are a chance to delve into a juicy novel! Long flights are also a great opportunity to get ahead on school work without the distractions of social media. Use the offline version of Google Docs or print holiday work to make these seemingly endless hours go by in a more productive way, as this will free you up from working on your actual vacation.



Make a list


To avoid boredom at the airport, come up with a list of things to do at your destination! This list can be completely tailored to your interests as it can include places to visit or new activities to try. Having access to a plan prior to your trip is quite beneficial as it will ensure you a more productive and fun holiday!



Familiarize yourself with the airport and city


Are you idly waiting for your next long-haul flight to arrive and finally take you to your next destination? Find things to do during your transit! Many airports now have attractions to help make your stay feel shorter and more enjoyable. The Singapore airport, for example, is not only best known for offering free Skytrain tours to passengers but also for its cinema with free movie screenings 24/7 and famous gardens around the airport, so if you have a Singapore layover at the Changi International Airport, you’re in luck! Additionally, with the help of the Internet, it would be quite easy to look for airport attractions in airports all around the world.


Be sure to refer to these tips when planning your next vacation so that you remember to pack essentials or create your very own travel to-do list. Through these, you will be guaranteed a more relaxed halt at the airport and an active and memorable holiday!