Month: October 2017

ISM’s Organization Tips and Tricks

By Sally Jang Because ISM students take part in numerous activities and sports, some students have a hard time organizing their schedule. Especially for students in their junior and senior year, the higher amount of work is synonymous with less time with which to balance all these subjects. Besides being bombarded with schoolwork and extracurricular activities–like […]


Tryout Advice

Article by Cecilia Ignacio As second season quickly approaches, athletes are training hard for their respective sport. The main focuses of season two include swimming, touch and rugby, basketball, and tennis. It is common that students are anxious for tryouts and unsure of what to expect. However, there are a variety of accomplished athletes that […]


The Stress of Snap Streaks

Article by Putra Wibowo *Excited to open a snap → blank screen that reads “streaks” across the middle of it.* *Seeing that dreaded hourglass beside someone’s name → experiences a heart attack.* As there are 173 million daily Snapchat users, this feeling of disappointment is universal. Maintaining a snap-streak with someone requires sending each other […]