Month: November 2017

IASAS Sports vs. CulCon

Article by Jaime Chuidian Many have heard the phrase “It’s a real IASAS!” as a justification for when our Bearcats are sent off to IASAS Cultural Convention. This is because IASAS is primarily seen as a sporting league, instead of a showcase of a variety of talents. Among the three sport seasons, there is an […]


Asian Thanksgiving Recipes

Article by Meg Barraca Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in parts of Northern America, involving long-awaited family gatherings, interesting dinner table conversations, and a wide array of delicious food–which, arguably, is the best part of the entire celebration. Hence, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, what better reason would there be to roll up your sleeves […]


8 Veggie-Friendly Restaurants

Article by Dezimey Kum Photos compiled by Dezimey Kum Being a tropical island, you might expect fruits and vegetables to be a big part of Filipino cuisine – on the contrary; the Philippines is a truly meat-loving country. In many local restaurants, meat is the focal point of the menu. This can make it difficult […]