Spotlight On: Film Club

Article by Seo Young Oh

Recently, film has been gaining momentum in the ISM community. IASAS film now has the possibility to become a legitimate event next year, and last year the Film Club was created for students who had the passion for viewing and making films so they could meet people with similar interests.

So what specifically does the Film Club do? Nanami Y., the President of the Film Club, says, “So far we’ve only had one film showing of Psycho. However, we are planning a lot more things in the future. Currently, we’re in the process of organizing the Manila Student Film Festival and we’re planning to do more film showings and other activities such as workshops, secret cinema, short film viewings, and possibly a video request program.”

What do they want the ISM community to know about the club?

“We really want to emphasize that we are a ‘real’ club. Last year, during the pilot year of Film Club, not a lot was achieved due to the council being full of seniors. We realize that this caused Film Club to gain a poor reputation of being a very inactive club. However, this year we have a completely new council with a variety of students. The council really wants to redeem the club from last year’s performance, and we want the ISM community to know that we’re really trying our best to do the most we can for the students.”  

What are Film Club’s goals for the school year?

“The goal of Film Club is to give more opportunities and experiences for people who enjoy the art of film. As this is our first full year, implementing and creating different activities is our first priority. Hopefully, this year we will be able to evaluate the effectivity of these activities through the reception of the members of the club.”

The Film Club is definitely a club to keep your eye on. Don’t miss out on their events!