Boys Varsity Rugby

Article by Jaime Chuidian

“Crouch, bind, set!” Indeed, the back-to-back gold medalists are set for another big season — but the question is, can these Bearcats claim it a third time?

The Boys Varsity Rugby Team is led by Coaches Doble and Brown from the UK; they have witnessed the development of rugby not just in ISM, but all over the world. Therefore, they have a strong understanding of what resembles a gold medalist rugby team. Coach Doble claims, “the boys are fired up this year, and are most definitely looking to defend our title a third time. Because we have narrowly won the championship two years in a row, all the other schools are going to target us. But I believe that the boys are more than capable of doing it a third time.”

This year’s team is captained by senior and four-year rugby athlete Ryan S. He has played rugby at an international level and is ready to lead the team to glory. “I’m just glad rugby season is back. The boys, the competitive drive, the whole rugby atmosphere, it’s surreal.” As enticing as it sounds, this fun spirited atmosphere is a sugar coating to “determination that is instilled within each of our players, it is going to be a lot of work again this year, but that’s what it’s all about. It’s game time.” In addition, with seniors composing a large percentage of the gold medaling team, “we’re expecting the underclassmen who have been called up to really step up and have a huge impact on the team. Not just for this year, but the future of ISM rugby.”

Meanwhile, Dhendup D., a current sophomore playing with varsity, is keen to attest to what being part of ISM rugby really is. “I have been training since my freshman year to make this team, and now I’m so glad that my hard work finally paid off. However I have no time to be complacent, I need to assert what kind of player I am to this team and to make it known that even though I’m a newcomer, I’m as good as any other returning member.” When Dhendup is not training, he spends his hours in the gym. “I feel that even though no training is scheduled, everyday I need to train in some way to always better my game.” As Dhendup is only one of a few other varsity call ups, the team is driven and determined to grow stronger than any other rugby team.

It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. The ISM Boys Varsity Rugby team may not be the biggest or fastest, but they sure play with pure passion and heart. As of now, the ball is in their court, and the Bearcat community has high hopes that ISM Boys Rugby Varsity can secure a gold medal for a third time!