Article by Sally Jang

On October 19, Taylor Swift dropped yet another popular song, entitled ‘Gorgeous’. A part of her newest album, ‘Reputation’, is set to be released sometime next month. The single has already gained over 25 million views on YouTube as of right now, just a couple of days after it was digitally released, and will only continue to rise. There’s a mixture of responses to the music and lyrics, with some critics calling out the singer-songwriter for singing a love song; Swift had previously said (with the release of the single before this, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’) that she was the ‘new’ version of Taylor, and by singing love songs, which a majority of her songs are, she was being hypocritical. However, listeners like Kirtana D., a junior, believe that there was never any new or old Taylor, and that the artist remains amazing no matter what song she sings.

Kirtana D said that ‘Gorgeous’ sounds like a love song, and finds it intriguing as it is different from her other songs. This is as it doesn’t have the typical Taylor Swift-like style in the music, which is upbeat. The song, while featuring elements of electropop, also has a very soft tune to it, coupled with the songstress’ vocals. Kirtana also stated that she would love to see Swift make other songs of this sort. On the other hand, Minnie S, who is a fan of Taylor Swift, stated that this song isn’t as good and catchy as her other songs. She also mentioned that the song seemed a little bit too flat and colorless, with the tempo being draggy, and the lyrics petty and shallow.

Even though Taylor Swift’s whole album isn’t out yet, this new song already has more than 25 million streams, which clearly indicates the fact that no matter how different she appears, there will always be a market clamoring for whatever genre of songs she has on offer. Moreover, no matter how much she tries to change her musical direction, she will always have her fans supporting her.

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