How To Stay Productive In Study Hall

Article by Putra Wibowo

Throughout the agonizing journey of the dreaded IB program, most Juniors and Seniors do encounter a silver lining along the way: study hall. Three free seventy-minute blocks throughout the week, given to us busy students as an opportunity to catch up on a heavy workload. At least, that’s what the administration expects us to be doing.

We all know it too well. An overwhelming feeling of lethargy overtakes you nearly every single study hall, and you end up procrastinating with your friends. Why is it that so many of us choose to slack off during this precious time? If used properly, study hall can be an extremely useful time to complete homework and go to your teachers for one-on-one help. We interviewed some upperclassmen to see their outlook on this valuable, albeit overlooked, period.

When asked about why students find it difficult to remain focused during study hall, junior Madison B. says, “It depends on the mood of the person – some days I feel productive and other days I do not. It also depends on your workload. I’m always more lazy to be working on something that I find challenging.”

Senior Tusshara N. claims that the distractions you’re surrounded with plays a huge factor in your level of unproductivity, saying, “I think people find it difficult to remain productive during study halls because of all the temptations present, such as being around large groups of friends, making it easier to be distracted by something off-topic.”

The combination of these three elements will certainly impact your productivity, but how can we combat this? Junior Jonte Y. advises, “Listening to chill music and staying at the little booths at the back of the library are what I do to stay focused, as it eliminates distraction.”

In terms of the obstacle of being close to people who don’t do work, junior Jerico B. states, “I try to isolate myself or at least be with someone who I know I can focus with/will focus on the same thing I am trying to study for. That way, we can butt-heads and solve difficult problems together.”

A handful of juniors and seniors do not have the privilege of having a Study Hall period due to their commitment to a fine arts elective or another commitment, so those who possess one shouldn’t take it for granted. This period can save seventy minutes of your time at home, and you can be enjoying your personal endeavors instead. The biggest note to take away from this is that it is important to practice self-control and find an environment that is effective to be working in.