Pre-IASAS Expectations and Aftermath

Article by Cecilia Ignacio

Season two athletes are training hard for IASAS, the most popular athletic event amongst students in ISM and other IASAS schools. However, before that comes Pre-IASAS, an event in which all the schools can compete with each other before the main tournament. This exchange took place during November 17-19, when our Bearcat athletes undoubtedly gave it their all whether it be swimming, tennis, basketball, touch, or rugby. Thus, Bamboo Telegraph decided to interview a few athletes about their Pre-IASAS expectations and performances.

The swim teams headed to Bangkok (ISB), and the basketball teams headed to Jakarta (JIS). In addition, the boys tennis and girls touch teams travelled to Singapore (SAS) and girls tennis and rugby boys teams had their IASAS exchange in Kuala Lumpur (ISKL). Over the course of the two days, the various teams spent most of their time in the court, field, or pool competing against other schools.

Junior Chynna C. went to Jakarta to compete in her first ever Basketball IASAS exchange. Chynna said, “I hope to win some games, if not all, though I am worried that I will forget the plays or mess up my shots.” In essence, Pre-IASAS is about being able to hone one’s skills before the main event. It is also seen as a special kind of practice held outside of normal school grounds, since it is helpful to be exposed to various opponents and their tactics in a different setting. This way, athletes had the chance to learn new skills, lessen their anxiety, and apply their new knowledge to their future games. After returning from the exchange, Chynna said,“I think I performed pretty well in Pre-IASAS. I feel that I have improved so much on my defense in the court. I had a couple of blocks and got a lot of rebounds as well.” Overall, she feels more confident in her game, however, Chynna states that she wished she’d “gotten more shots in”, suggesting that challenging yourself to do better helps push you to strive and do better.

However, it is also important to remember that there were other highlights of Pre-IASAS, such as building stronger relationships with teammates and coaches, while also meeting new athletes with a similar interest from other IASAS schools. Sophomore swimmer Jon N. states, “I hope it will be awesome, especially the part when I am able to bond with my team.” The two athletes share similar desires, as it is important to have strong camaraderie with the people you are playing with. Chynna added, “I hope to develop closer relationships with all my teammates.” When asked to describe how Pre-IASAS went, Jon said, “it was really interesting because instead of IASAS schools swimming against each other like most times, we swam with each other as an IASAS whole against the APAC team which included schools like Brent International School Manila and Hong Kong International School.”

The season two teams will certainly continue to train hard and do their best in hopes of winning the desired gold. Their fellow Bearcats will be eagerly counting down the days until the start of second season IASAS in which athletes will play their hearts out and crowds will enthusiastically cheer on their respective schools.