ASEAN and East Asia Summit

Article by Mayako Kruger

Photo found by Reed Santos

On the week of November 12, Manila hosted the 31st ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and East Asia Summit. Leaders of all the ASEAN member states were in attendance, along with leaders of other major international economic powerhouses including President Trump of US and Prime Minister Modi of India. Other than the ten ASEAN country members, the East Asia Summit includes Japan, Australia, Republic of Korea, New Zealand and others. The leaders discussed issues regarding North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, terrorism, the ongoing drug war in the Philippines, and the situation in Afghanistan.

The ASEAN summit caused almost all local schools and workplaces to shut down during the first half of the week. Despite that, the Bearcats continued work as usual, as ISM’s hectic curriculum was still on. All after school activities were cancelled and members of the community were advised to leave before 3pm at the latest. As the week was leading up to Pre-IASAS for second season sports (tennis, basketball, rugby, swimming), practices were rescheduled and athletes had to arrive at school early in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to get some extra training in before classes started.

In addition to the added pressure of IASAS sports practices, the end of the semester draws nearer, which means that tests begin to pile up all across grade levels. Freshman Trisha B. says, “I think it’s been harder for people who have tests because we have no tutorials except Thursday. Also especially for people going to Pre-I; they had morning training and had to cram tests in a very short period of time.” While coming to school at 5 AM was  certainly a struggle for athletes, on the bright side (for them and for everyone else), going home after school was  a breeze, considering the fact that the roads of Manila were, strangely enough, quite empty and traffic free.

Photo source:×438.jpg.