5 Study Resources for Hell Week

Article by Putra Wibowo

We’ve all experienced that moment of distress, and its particularly familiar during assessment season. It’s midnight during a school week, and you’ve wasted five hours that could’ve been used to revise for tests, but decided to blunder it by checking social media. You then pull an all-nighter, producing a piece of work that’s half the quality that you planned it to be. With “hell week” approaching, it’s important to organize our schedules and maintain a healthy balance in our daily activities. Here are five study hacks that will boost your level of focus during this stressful period of time.



1. SelfControl


An application for Macbook users, it’s name says it all. Self control forces you to work by eliminating any online temptations. You can copy-and-paste as many links as you want, set the timer to a desired length, and when you press start, all of those websites will be blocked. Your constant struggle of frantically switching between work and unrelated tabs will no longer be a problem.


2. Freeexampapers.com

From past IB papers to AP exams, this website has it all! Completing practice tests are an efficient way to get a grasp on the style of questions that’ll be asked on a future exam, and this website provides an extensive collection for you.


3. Tecmath

Math… one of the subjects we are required to take for all four years of high school. It’s no coincidence that you often hear students constantly whining about the course. Tecmath is a youtube channel that creates concise videos to help you understand key concepts that you might’ve blanked out on during class. With over 510,000 subscribers, it’s certainly made an impact on different age groups, covering topics from varying difficulties.


Sleep If U Can

This unconventional, albeit highly innovative phone app sets an alarm each morning that can only be switched off if you physically get out of bed and take a picture of a predetermined location in your house! During “hell-week”, you’re bound to attempt an all-nighter, and during one of them, you’ll inevitably fail. Set your alarm to a very early time everyday, and in case you sleep earlier than you wanted to the previous night, this gives you a few hours to cram your workload in the morning.



For those visual learners out there, this is the perfect app for you! XMind is  a popular mind-mapping app, providing a variety of different templates that are suitable for a range of audiences. In times of chaos, this tool can help you map out your overall study plan, as well as subject-specific ones.


These are just five of the countless study resources that can be found not only online, but through word-of-mouth from your peers as well. Bearcats, we only have four weeks left before freedom during Winter break, so let’s push forward until we finally cross the finish line and claim our prize!