Thoughts on the Upcoming Strings Concert

Article by Ishani Sharma

Musicians in Band, Strings and Choir classes from both middle school and high school have been eagerly preparing for the Emoji Concerts. With the choir concert being a success, the strings concert is up next today, Monday, November 27 Here are some anticipatory thoughts from the future strings performers.

Freshman Ye Jin plays the viola and is eagerly looking forward to the performance, and feels prepared for the concert. She says, “Since we’ve been practicing a lot, in and outside of class, we’re good to go. I think it’s the teamwork and collective atmosphere that is really pushing us to do our best, and making us feel extra excited.”

James (10), a cello player, agrees with this sentiment, and also highlights the importance of stage presence, along with musical ability. “Our new teacher has been keen on stage presence and presentation, in addition to playing very well, which is refreshing.” He says. “And now I’m really excited for the concert because I feel like we’ve managed to achieve both.”

Unfortunately, sophomore Mao (violin player) and senior Savion (viola player) feel otherwise. Mao doesn’t think she’s fully prepared for the concert because they received a new piece quite recently. There was also a change in teachers for the orchestra class. Mao says, “Practicing with a new teacher is always a bit different. It’s not bad, or necessarily harder, it just takes a bit of getting used to.”

Savion too feels underprepared for the concert but for different reasons. “I’ve had a lot of work to cover for these few weeks, being a senior and all.” He says. However, he still expresses eagerness for the concert. “I’m excited to hear how the other classes sound, particularly the middle school classes: they will be the future of the high school strings program.”

Savion is also looking forward to a piece he’s playing called ‘Mountain Spring.’ He says it’s his favorite piece as it gives a very soothing and refreshing vibe. James and Mao both agree that it’s their favorite piece as well.

“It’s a slower piece,” says Mao. “I really like it because it’s very graceful and calm. I think the audience will enjoy it a lot too.” Ye Jin, on the other hand, prefers the piece ‘Explosive.’ She says, “It’s a famous and powerful piece, and very different from the other two pieces because they’re very calming, meanwhile, this one is much more energetic. I really like the contrast.” Either way, the audience is in for a treat of emotions at the upcoming Emoji Strings Concert at 5:30 pm today.