IASAS Sports vs. CulCon

Article by Jaime Chuidian

Many have heard the phrase “It’s a real IASAS!” as a justification for when our Bearcats are sent off to IASAS Cultural Convention. This is because IASAS is primarily seen as a sporting league, instead of a showcase of a variety of talents. Among the three sport seasons, there is an IASAS for each respective season, whereas CulCon happens once in a year, in between second and third season; dance, art, music and forensics groups each have their own set of wisdom, grace and competitive drive. Participants all manage to find an equilibrium that represents the true colors of being a Bearcat.

Max C., a junior athlete from last year’s IASAS rugby team says, “IASAS rugby was an unforgettable experience. The camaraderie, competitiveness and pure fun of being there just made it the way it was. It is definitely one of the highlights of my whole high school.” Max thrived in the competitive nature of IASAS rugby, which illustrates where his interests and passions lie.

However, on the other side of the IASAS spectrum, senior Enrique C. has attended IASAS music twice and also participated in pre-IASAS rugby. He says, “I am 100% sure that IASAS rugby and IASAS CulCon are completely different, but equally have gems of joy in their own manner. I’m really hoping that I make rugby IASAS this year so that I can have a taste of both worlds and decipher which I personally enjoy more.” However, he also justified that IASAS CulCon may not be a competition, but really is a beautiful convention. “The communal passion for the arts we all share really makes me proud in what I do.” He says. As a result, Enrique C. looks to attend IASAS CulCon for the third and final time in his high school experience.

Both perspectives clearly draw out the differences in the different IASAS events while also show how each are golden opportunities to exhibit one’s talents. Although CulCon may not possess an emphasis on competition, it is nonetheless respected through its beautiful portrayal of a variety of arts. On the other hand, sports may not always have the grace that CulCon can project. At the end of the day, with the array of IASAS events, individuals can choose whatever they truly enjoy or find themselves succeeding in.

So, what are you waiting for, Bearcats? Reach your full potential and chase that IASAS dream of yours!