Bearcat Christmas Traditions

Article by: Kirtana Devaraj

Christmas is almost here! People have started decorating their houses and Christmas lights are everywhere. For many Bearcats, Christmas is an important day. Christmas is believed to be the day of Jesus’s birth. The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). As ISM is an international community, each Bearcat celebrates Christmas differently. BT brings you an overview of the different ways Christmas is celebrated by our Bearcat community.

Junior Karl C. from France, says, “For Christmas we usually put up the tree around the 20th of December and take it down in the first weekend of January. On the 24th, after a family dinner, we open all the gifts at 12 am.”

Freshman Kody T. also celebrates Christmas with his family. He mentions, “We tend to have a lunch on Christmas Eve with my cousins on my father’s side of the family, and dinner with my mom’s side of the family. It tends to mainly just be a family occasion, but it means I see a lot of my titos and titas (aunts and uncles) I usually don’t get to see.” Kody’s family also has an annual tradition. “We usually go to Hong Kong during the break, which is like a yearly tradition.” He says.

Junior Sally L. mentions, “We don’t celebrate Christmas extravagantly as it’s a foreign thing in Korea. We just go out for dinner.”

However, junior Manapo I. from Japan. celebrates Christmas wholeheartedly. “We build the Christmas tree and decorate it. We also buy a cake, and make a little bit more special dinner than usual. My sister and I also write letters to Santa and prepare for his arrival.”

Bearcats from other parts of the world celebrate Christmas similarly. Junior Zelda F. from South Africa says, “I generally celebrate Christmas with my family, but we never have a cold or a ‘White Christmas’. We usually celebrate by having a big dinner on Christmas Eve then opening presents after dinner. We usually have a relaxed Christmas Day. We also go to church on Christmas Day.”

Similar to Zelda, junior Giovanni P. from Italy mentions, “I spend Christmas with my entire family. We go to church on the 24th of December. On the 25th, we open presents under the tree.”

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration with Bearcats following different traditions to make this occasion a joyous one. This is the time when Bearcats visit their family members in other countries and have a memorable day. BT wishes you a Merry Christmas!