DIY Christmas Decorations

Article by Meg Barraca

The end of the year is coming up, and consequently, so is the Christmas season. Humongous Christmas trees have already been set up in shopping malls and multi-colored strings of lights have been up every neighborhood since the month of September. If you haven’t gotten into that Christmas spirit yet, don’t worry- it’s never too early (or late!) to hop onto the bandwagon. Though store bought decorations are quite admirable, DIY decorations can be a way to get creative, spend time with your family and friends, save money, and add a personalized flair. Here are some decoration ideas that’ll add an air of festivity to your home, room, or desk:


Candle Holders

From a starry night sky, to a christmas tree, to even Santa and his reindeers- turn a plain jar to a customized jar in whatever design you like. Then light a candle inside and watch the magic happen.




Paper Snowflakes

There may not be snow in the Philippines, but who says there can’t be a white Christmas? This delicate yet simple and easy-to-make craft takes around 5 minutes to make- just tie a string and hang on the walls for festive ceiling decoration.


Advanced Tutorial:


Snow Globe

This craft lets you build your own winter wonderland. They also make for a great personalized and last minute gift as they use materials easily found at home or at the nearest supermarket.



Tabletop Christmas Tree

This miniature Christmas tree is compact yet cute, and easily fits on a desk, bedside table or bookshelf. Add some ornaments and even a star to bring a little more cheer into your room!



Christmas Ornaments

This DIY christmas tree decor is a little messier and more complicated to make than the rest, yet the great thing about it is that it’s so flexible. From polyester clay to styrofoam balls to even bottle caps, unleash the creativity in you by making  ornaments.



Christmas Lanterns (Parol)

Put your own twist on the star-shaped Filipino ornament by using recyclable materials like popsicles, old bottles, or plastic forks. Hang in front of any door for a joyous welcome.