Battle of the Bands: The Excitement Begins

Article by Amelie de Leon

Update: Prelims tickets are 350 pesos at the door, and doors open at 5 pm tomorrow. Tickets for Finals will be sold for 400 pesos outside the Kantina all next week.

Special Announcement: Curtismith will be performing at BOB Finals on February 10!!

The much anticipated Battle of the Bands comes to us this January with a bang, showcasing the musical talent of our beloved Bearcats. A renowned, loved, and highly anticipated event, Battle of the Bands is a strong presence in the ISM community. Not only does it showcase the Bearcat’s musical expression, but it raises money for a good cause. Money made from the event goes to the school’s many service partners who are in need of financial support such as Project Best. This year, with 13 bands and 15 vocalists, it sure will be a jam packed event!


One of the bands that will be performing in Prelims for the very first time is freshman band Black Tears. They are a 5-group band: composed of freshmen Jack C., Sam J., Christian L., Nabil R., and Caden R.

When asked if they are looking forward to Prelims, freshman Nabil R. remarks, “We’re definitely looking forward to BOB. It’s kind of scary, though. There’s a lot of pressure. A lot of people are coming. There are also a lot of performers that could beat us, but we are very excited.”

However, freshman Christian L. gives a different perspective to the true motive of Battle of the Bands, stating that: “While the whole concept of Battle of the Bands is great, what I’m really looking forward to is having the chance to have fun and play my music with my band. I can’t really say that I’m scared of the competition – rather that I’m super excited to be playing with all these talented bands and hearing their music. Art is subjective, and BOB shouldn’t be about who has the best songs or who can shred the fastest – it should just be about rocking out!”


On the other hand, Half Past Five will be participating in BOB for the last time as seniors. A group of 6, the band consists of Juan P., Jackie H., Andrew Y., Jeff K., Ben R., and Dino M. They typically sing rap songs with vocals.

When asked of their thoughts of performing for the very last time, senior Jackie H. says, “I feel quite sentimental because I love Half Past Five! Our chemistry is just great, and I want to continue performing with them forever and ever! Because it’s our last time, we are more motivated to do our best and take all the risks and chances. I’m really determined to leave an impact and deliver an unforgettable performance.” She also remarks on the overall outcome of the performance. “Winning is the dream, especially because it is our last year performing! But in the bigger picture, the true beauty of the magic is more about enjoying the moment, feeling the thrill of it all, and making the most out of our performance on stage. That, to me, is already a big win win.“

It is seen that both performers do not value the glory and prize that come with winning, but rather the high of performing and their passion for making music. Please come support your fellow ISM students at Prelims and/or Finals!!