Sticking To Your New Years Resolution

Article by Meg Barraca

Happy New Year, Bearcats! As we welcome 2018 with open arms and bid 2017 farewell, we hope to celebrate the new year with making new habits and breaking old ones! Many use the new year as motivation to be better versions of themselves through the creation of new year’s resolutions. Whether that be cutting down on junk food, aiming for more 7s, sleeping earlier, or finally going to the gym- the list goes on and on. Choosing to change is the easy part–it is more challenging to be persistent in keeping these resolutions. If you’re like me and have a hard time sticking to your resolutions, don’t worry! It’s never too late to start.  

One important consideration when it comes to making new year’s resolutions is to start with small goals. For example, if your aim is to eat more fruits and vegetables this year, start with an apple in your lunchbox or a fruit smoothie instead of a full salad. Incorporating habits into one’s lifestyle takes time, and making such a sudden drastic change can be overwhelming. Tackling a goal one step at a time makes it seem more attainable and will eventually make tackling the bigger tasks easier.

Remind yourself. Constantly keeping track of your long-term goals will make it easier for them to become routine. Setting daily alarms or reminders will inspire you to persist at your goal, even when it’s hard. Success is not earned easily! Additionally, there are many apps that encourage habit making and tracking. Some helpful ones include HabitBull, Productive, Habitica,, and Streaks. It would also be helpful to follow online sources that spark motivation- Youtube influencers, Instagram users, or even keeping a Pinterest board of your objectives. Seeing the concrete results of these goals is a reminder that if other people can do it, you can too.

And if you’re unsuccessful in keeping your resolutions, don’t be discouraged. Having low days are completely natural- and are okay! It’s important to not beat yourself up when you stumble, and have the strength to recover. However, don’t let it be an excuse to give up on the resolution entirely. Picking up from a fall makes you stronger, and conclusively, people with self-love and self-confidence are more likely ultimately have success in the future.