Keep Yourself Organized in 2018

Article by Putra Wibowo

Remember when you looked into the mirror at the very last week of the first semester, completely baffled by the grisly creature that stood before you? Although the assessment weeks were an exhausting time, we all worked hard to persevere as the year came to an end.

As December break started, we were finally awarded with a much needed rest, that gave everyone the opportunity to take a step back from academics and catch-up with out temporarily stagnant social life. Coming back from the holidays revitalized, students are hopefully determined to tackle this second semester with even more vigor than the first. We interviewed members of our high-school community to hear about their sentiments heading into the new year, and find out what tools and strategies they’ve acquired to stay on top of the upcoming wave of workload.

When asked about her feelings towards this second half of the year, junior Miguela P. said, “just the thought of the second semester rattles me, because of all the responsibility that comes with it, so I guess I’m nervous. However, I’m also really excited and determined to get everything done because I adore that feeling of satisfaction that you get after finishing such a rigorous task [the IB].”

In order to calm the oncoming apprehension, junior Bella L. suggests turning to coffee. “As bad people say it is, I drink one cold brew every day after school to keep me energized throughout the whole afternoon and evening, and it helps me stay on task. I’ve also deleted instagram off my phone because I’m obsessed and I’ve muted messenger so it doesn’t distract me.”

A sophomore who chooses to remain anonymous, offers a different angle of advice, and says, “instead of trying to finish one big task in a single day and then moving onto a different one the next day, I plan break up all of my tasks different into little chunks and complete a little bit of everything everyday. I think I’ll feel less drained, and it allows me to put more effort into each piece of work.”

Although the second semester will be a larger hurdle to overcome than the first, it’s important to remain focused and be equipped with the calculated mentality needed to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently. Hang in there Bearcats! Spring break is less than twelve weeks away! Sigh…