Jazz Night

Article by: Ishani Sharma

Jazz night is an event organised by the Tri-M council featuring Jazz Band, Show Choir, and Advanced Dance. The preparations are under way, and the event will be held on January 30, in the Little Theatre.

Carmel L. (10), a guitarist, says that she’s very excited for the upcoming Jazz Night. “My song, ‘Forget You’, is coming along really well, and the other songs are in progress too. I’m sure they’ll sound great by the time Jazz Night comes.”

David H. (10), a trumpet player is also looking forward to Jazz Night. “I’m playing a variety of songs, but the song I chose was ‘Closer’. And I’d say I’m looking forward to that the most because it’s the piece I picked, and am most excited to play.”

When asked about the preparation process, Carmel says, “The most important part of preparation is coordinating with other band members, because it doesn’t really help practicing on your own, and never being able to practice together. That’s why our practice time is really valuable time, so we can hear what we sound like as a whole band.”

William (11) agrees that preparation is very important when it comes to performance. “I don’t feel super prepared, because we hadn’t really done any rehearsals until recently, and Jazz Night’s just around the corner. But I still have confidence in my fellow bandmates in giving a good performance and putting our full effort into it for the whole audience.”

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in Jazz Night. “I’m just looking forward to sharing music with everyone! It sounds like every song is going to be really good, especially with show choir since they’re really talented singers. I hope we’re pretty good musicians too! I’m also excited to see how everything will work with the dancers from Advanced Dance.” says Carmel.

Jennifer (11), a dancer, is also looking forward to how everything will fit together. “Jazz night sounds really fun! I’m really excited to perform with the band and choir, because it’s a challenge, and it’s different from what we usually do. We don’t usually perform with live music, so that will be interesting to dance to.” Nao (10), a dancer, also agrees, saying “I think communication is key. We’re all going to have to work together and collaborate to the best of our abilities to make everything work.”

Adam Z. (10), a member of the Tri-M committee says that logistics are coming along very well too. “It will be held in the Little Theatre and incorporate music and dance. All the performers seem very excited, and we seem to have a good potential audience. I just hope the turn out is good!” To support Jazz Night, come along to the LT on January 30, for a night of music, dance, and fun!