Logan Paul: ISM Perspectives

Article by: Seo Young Oh

About a month ago, Logan Paul posted a vlog from his trip to Aokigahara, more commonly known as the “Suicide Forest” in Japan due to the high amounts of suicides that take place in the forest. He and his team went into the forest intending to focus on the “haunted” aspect of it.

In this video, he shows the dead body of a man who had recently committed suicide. He blurs out just the face of the victim, but does not stop recording. Upon seeing this, he makes jokes regarding the body. After posting this video, he received a lot of backlash which prompted him to post an apology. He claimed that he posted that video in order to raise awareness about suicide and mental illness.

On Twitter, however, many users pointed out that he may have traumatized many of his viewers, as he has a very young demographic. Although he posted an apology on both Youtube and twitter, the backlash around him has not died down. His Youtube channel has been removed from YouTube’s Google Preferred programme and production for his projects have been put on hold. In addition, many believe that his Youtube channel should be shut down.

Sam M. (11) says, “I’ve known Logan Paul to be a funny guy and used to watch some of his videos, but seeing his latest video coming into controversy, I can’t say how unthoughtful his actions were. Making a joke about a dead body isn’t  funny. He exploited a person’s suicide for money and views, which is really messed up. Also, he knows he has a young demographic and he still posted a very inappropriate video. A lot of kids look up to him as a role model and he should have been more responsible knowing that he has such a large following. His apology was, in my opinion, very self- centered too. His channel should be shut down.”

Putra W. (11) says, “I feel that Logan Paul is very narcissistic and attention seeking. Any human would find it appalling to video a corpse and then publish it for millions to see; it’s a publicity stunt and he should at least have the decency to admit that, instead of making up an excuse saying that it’s to raise awareness for depression and suicide. I think that this just shows that he isn’t really a good person and I don’t think he really deserves the fame he has right now.”

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Logan Paul should be given a second chance, but it seems like most agree that his actions are unjustifiable.