IASAS Girls Tennis

Article by Sana Singru

IASAS is just around the corner, and athletes are completing their final preparations to travel and compete in their respective sports. For this second season, ISM is hosting Tennis IASAS, and the Bearcat community is eagerly anticipating all the aspects that come along with this. Of course, the Boys and Girls teams, who will be playing at home, are currently experiencing the most excitement. Bamboo Telegraph decided to interview members of the girls IASAS Tennis team to gain insight on how they are feeling about this extremely exciting event.

Junior Dani P., one of the captains of the team, says, “So far I have yet to play an IASAS tournament at home, so in these last few days before IASAS I’ve been feeling super anxious and nervous! On the other hand, though, I’m really excited to host it this year because it will be so awesome to be able to play in front of all my friends and have people cheering for us!”

In regards to the expectations she has for the team and herself, she says, “This year we have a ton of new players coming in and they’re all extremely talented. I can’t wait to see how they perform during IASAS because I know we have a really solid team this year! I’m hoping for the best and I think we have a good chance!”

An interesting aspect to this year’s team is that it is largely composed of Freshmen. Regarding this, Dani comments, “I feel like most teams wouldn’t be so confident entering IASAS with a predominantly Freshman team, but it’s the opposite for me because I’ve trained outside of school with all these girls before and I know that they can all bring something special to the team.”

From a freshman perspective, Bettina C., says, “As I am a Freshman, this is my first time participating in IASAS. It’s scary and intimidating to be a newcomer, but at least there are four other Freshman on the team!

“For my first IASAS, I hope I play to my best ability, and since tennis relies heavily on your mental game, I hope I stay mentally and physically strong. It’s been a long and intense four months of practice and I hope it really shows in the three days of IASAS. I’m excited to meet other players from different schools and countries and ultimately to play tennis!”

Furthermore, she says, “Playing on home court puts a lot of pressure on us to do well with the large audience from school, but I hope we can receive support. On the other hand, it gives us an advantage since we know these courts the best, whereas the other teams may be used to other surfaces.”

Another unique quirk to their team is their pre-game ritual. “Since we’re all Filipino and Catholic on the team, we always say a short little prayer before our first game of the tournament. We’re also very superstitious and it’s become tradition for us to wear our black uniform for our first and last games at IASAS,” she states.

Overall, the team seems to be in top shape, despite their concerns. ISM students, parents, and teachers are looking forward to seeing them perform at IASAS. We wish them the best of luck and cannot wait to support them as they battle for gold!