Second Season IASAS Expectations

Article by Liz Sunga

With the second season sports coming to a close, athletes are now eagerly waiting for their chance to participate in IASAS. This week, ISM’s rugby, touch and swimming athletes will be flying out to Taipei and Kuala Lumpur to compete in the IASAS Championships.

The rugby and touch teams have high-stake games coming up their way as they are both defending champions for the fourth year in a row. Sophomore Dhendup D. is excited for his first IASAS rugby tournament. He says, “Being part of an IASAS team for the first time takes much more commitment and hard work, especially because you’re playing with veterans who are already used to the game.” The team’s main focus right now is their fitness to maximize intensity all throughout the game.

Dhendup D.

Similarly, junior Awe M. is about to have her first touch IASAS after a year-long break due to her injured ACL. She’s also focusing on her fitness, particularly the functionality of her knees so she can be ready to play at full potential in Kuala Lumpur. She says, “My goals are to play to my standards and my team’s standards, especially when the games do get harder and everyone is more fatigued.”

ISM’s IASAS swim teams are also a force to be reckoned with. “This year, the swimmers are focused on personal strengths early on in the season, specifically their timing and making sure their race pace was met,” says Coach Hazel. As a coach, she is expecting the kids to perform their very best and give maximum effort. Sophomore Aldrin A. says he is most excited to compete, once again, with rival schools and possibly beat some of his personal records. “It doesn’t come without dedication and hard work, but it’s definitely a rewarding experience.”


This year, Manila will be hosting the IASAS tennis tournament. Interestingly, the girls tennis team is composed of mostly freshmen girls. Mia S. is among these ninth graders, and when asked about how IASAS training differed from her previous middle school training, she responded, “Training is definitely harder than middle school tennis because the coaches always expect you to give it your all and play your personal best at all times.”

With all this in mind, the Bearcats wish the IASAS athletes good luck and hope they do their best for their upcoming tournaments!