How To Get Over Writer’s Block

Article by Lauren Zhou

Writer’s block is an issue that almost all ISM students have struggled with before. Whether it occurs while writing an essay for a class or while writing that novel you always said you’d write; writer’s block can be extremely frustrating. Here are some ways some ISM students tackle this issue:

Senior Yuyang W. believes that the best way to overcome writer’s block is to go to a location that sparks concentration and creativity. “Whenever I’m struggling with writer’s block for a written assignment for class, I go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, because the atmosphere there helps me focus and work more efficiently.”

Sophomore Liz.S has encountered writer’s block many times, during creative and expository writing, but she believes that writer’s block can occasionally be helpful. “I almost always get writers block when writing something I’m not passionate about, so I take that as a sign that maybe I should change my idea.” Like Liz said, you can always consider switching things up to a topic you enjoy, as it could make it easier to write and potentially improve the overall quality of your writing.

Senior Dana. T is part of the Liham Council, and is fond of writing. She believes one way to deal with writer’s block is to be less critical about your writing. She says, “I put on a timer and write non-stop for five minutes. I’m not allowed to stop and think about my writing, press backspace, or go back and fix my typos.  It helps me word-vomit all over my page, so I can clean up the mess and decide what I want and don’t want later on. You never know what sorts of gems you’ll spew out when you’re in the moment. After all, diamonds form under pressure.”

Senior Nikki. H is another member of Liham Council. Contrary to Liz. S, Nikki approaches a case of writer’s block by writing about topics she typically doesn’t enjoy. “One thing I do, which I learned at a creative writing intensive, is to write what I don’t want to. All my best pieces have been inspired by the most personal, terrifying, strange, wonderful, and painful life experiences I’ve had.” Sometimes the experiences we avoid can result in our most unique and emotional works, and can be the unexpected cure to writer’s block.

With these methods to deal with writer’s block in mind, hopefully you find it easier to take on that intimidating piece of writing with this new insight from our ISM students. Good luck!