Meet Your Battle of the Bands Finalists!

Article by Dezimey Kum

Photos from the BOB Executive Committee

If you enjoyed ISM’s annual Battle of the Bands Prelims, get ready for the Finals! Make sure to prepare yourselves for our talented Bearcat musicians. Witness our finalists sing their hearts out and be a part of this amazing fundraising event. Treat yourselves to delicious food at one of the vendors while listening to great music! Get to know more about our final vocalists and bands below:



Silvana de Dios [Grade 9]

Silvana de Dios

“My musical style when singing is either upbeat or slow and sad. It really depends on what music I’m into and what I like. It is always scary to perform. Having so many people watching you is a pressuring situation but, as soon as you start performing and you are confident with the words it flies by so quickly. Having fun on stage makes it better.”


Margaret Nethercott [Grade 10]

Margaret Nethercott

“There’s a thrill to performing, being up on stage, having the lights on you, with an audience singing along, it’s such a rewarding feeling. Words cannot describe the satisfaction I feel being able to play music I love and share this with such a great community. It’s an amazing experience that I am very grateful for.”


Miguela Puyat [Grade 11]

Miguela Puyat

“I enjoy putting a little acoustic twist to a lot of the songs I sing, but I also enjoy belting my heart out to some ballads. When I’m up on stage, I feel like a queen because I’m doing something I love – performing and playing my music. I’m really excited about the fact that I’ve been given this opportunity to perform at finals! I’m really looking forward to seeing the other performers play and all the food I get to stuff my face with!”


Meg Barraca & Kathleen Simba [ Grade 11]

Meg and Kathleen

Junior Kathleen S. says, “I can’t speak for Meg but I think our musical style is quite relaxed and chill. We don’t really have to strain ourselves to sing. I’ve heard quite a lot of people say they would listen to our song while hanging out at home or going out for a drive.”

Meg B. also agrees with Kathleen S. when she describes the acoustic aspect of their song as, “chill” and, “One particular thing about our music style is that we like to switch the songs up a lot- whether speeding it up, slowing it down, changing the genre, or combining it to make a mashup. I think by tweaking these songs were really able to own the music we sing.”


Yojana Narang [Grade 12]

Yojana Narang

“When I was performing on stage it was actually really fun because the audience was really engrossed in my performance and they were really participating in it. They were moving their hands and switching on their flashlights so it really encouraged me to continue singing. When I was selected into the finals it made me really proud and basically paid off all the hard work. Even the environment itself really encouraged me to do better.”


Savion Garcia [Grade 12]

Savion Garcia

“I feel that my musical singing style is comprised of acoustic music. I really enjoyed performing on stage.I was nervous at first, but with the crowd’s support I was able to get rid of my nerves. I’m grateful to be a BOB finalist, and I’m excited to perform one last time!”


Iris Maloney [Grade 12]

Iris Maloney

One of Iris’s greatest passions in life is performing. She says, “Having people actually enjoy the songs that I perform feels amazing, to say the least. If you watch my performances, I rarely ever look into the crowd, but when I do I can never hold back a smile seeing all of the people I love in the crowd.” When asked about making it into finals, senior Iris M. states, “It was honestly very relieving. I had a really nasty throat infection and actually woke up without a voice, so performing and being able to mostly hit the notes was a huge relief for me.”


Ben Reedy [Grade 12]

Ben Reedy

Senior Ben R. was surprised when he got into  finals. He says, “When I heard my name, I was attacked by the people around me confirming that I heard correctly. The best part was seeing my dad’s face when I walked over to hug my parents.” As for his thoughts on performing, he says, “Nobody really noticed but my knees were wobbling so much. I also decided to wear my hat super low for the first couple of lines of the song just to block out the audience and get comfortable, then I moved it up and started looking out.”



Black Tears [Grade 9]

Black Tears copy

When asked about their music style, freshman Sam J. says, “Our music style differs from hard rock, to pop.” One interesting aspect Nabil R. says about the band is, “Our drummer Caden, eats mcdonalds rice with chicken nuggets. I practice my singing in the shower most of the time. Our guitarist Jack, does not like to play the guitar with his socks on. Our other guitarist Christian, would get carried away with his guitar solos and mess up practice. Bassist Sam likes to sleep during practice.


Cookie Problems [Grade 10]

Cookie Problems

Freshman Elise E. says, “Performing was really fun because the audience was really hyped and everyone was like watching us and cheering for us so that was really fun. When we got into finals that was really fun, good feeling because we did not think we were going to. When they called are names we were just so happy.”

Alexa K. also adds, “We felt really good about our song during the performance. We were like rocking out and everything, but then right after  when we were watching all of the other bands performing, we were like,”oh my god I don’t think we are going to make it.” Then when they called our names, we were like, “oh my god I cannot believe we made it.”


Twisted Adobo [Grade 10]

Twisted Adobo

Sophomore Carmel L. says, “It’s exhilarating! While it can be nerve wracking it’s really fun performing with my band because we’re all super close so I feel like we have such a great time up there together.” She also remarks that the bands name, “Twisted Adobo”, came from, “our middle school guidance counselor mr st laurent because the whole band was Filipino except one member, so Adobo, which is a Filipino food, became twisted!”


Parental Advisory [Grade 8, Grade 10, and Grade 12]

Parental Advisory

Maile D. describes the band as, “a weird mix of pop-punk trash and classic rock. We’re all fans of different rock subgenres but when it comes to classic rock songs, we all have a relatively similar taste.”  When asked about performing Maile D. says, “Most of the band has performed before so, we were relatively okay. But it was really great to see that everyone was supporting and trying to help each other as we were still all on edge.”


United States of Hysteria [Grade 8, Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12]

United States of Hysteria

When asked about  performing, junior Rahul V. says, “Oh it was amazing. I felt in control. The drummer is not the only one in charge when it comes to playing a song, its the guitarist, the bassist, the pianist and all of the singers. But a little bit of responsibility is put on everyone so that when performed all together, something special is formed.”


University Parkway [Grade 10 and Grade 12]

University Parkway

Senior Jackie H. describes University Parkway as, “very different.” She adds, “We have a very different style because we do rap, which is so different and it has not been done. Like, this is like serious rap. It’s kind of like their Eminem and I’m like Rihanna so it’s kinda like that. That’s like the vibe we are trying to go for this year and we also tried to do different remixes like for different songs. We make our own lyrics so we have originality points, you know.”


The Dashboard Dolls [Grade 11 and Grade 12]

The Dashboard Dolls

“As a band, we want to have a strong and balanced relationship with any audience we encounter. Meaning, we don’t just want them to watch us. We want them to feel the way we feel when we perform; invincible. Which is a pretty awesome way to feel. Sophia likes to speak into the microphone and do ASMR to help us “relax” during practice. It does not relax us. In fact, it is very uncomfortable to listen to.” – Senior Hannah A.


Half Past Five [Grade 12]

Half Past Five

Half Past Five artist Jeff K., shares a few words of his own on performing for the last time. He says, “I’ve always been afraid to perform anything in front of a big crowd, but because this was my second year performing at BOB, it wasn’t as tense as last year, it was more of excitement. It felt great to get back on stage and perform for the ISM community, further promoting Battle of the Bands. I think something that sets us apart from other bands is that our songs may be based of off a specific song, but our vocalists/rappers write their own lyrics, basing it off of different memories or times we shared at ISM.”

BOB is a time for the ISM community to come together to enjoy the sounds of catchy tunes while cheering our heads off. Come support your fellow ISM students on February 10th for finals! Lastly, congrats to all of the performers who were able to make it into prelims and give us a wonderful performance as well.