NHS Presents: Smile Week

Article by Carmel Limcaoco

Mark your calendars! February 19-25 is NHS’ Smile Week, a week dedicated to raising funds for Operation Smile in order to provide surgeries for less fortunate children with cleft palate and other facial deformities. In contrast to last year, there are plenty of fun activities for faculty and students to get involved in the fundraiser.

In the span of a week, NHS aims to raise enough money to fund 20 surgeries, at around 15,000 pesos each. While this seems like a lofty goal, it is highly possible for them to reach it following the success of their Smile Week last year. Throughout the week, operation smile merchandise will be available outside of the Kantina. On top of this NHS members be selling smiley face stress balls, smiley faced succulents and even funny stickers designed by VAC to put on your electronics!

Smile Week aims not only to raise funds but also to spread positive vibes through ISM, especially amidst the stress of schoolwork. The main feature of the week is the Sponsor a Smile program that will happen in the Kantina everyday throughout the week! Pairs or small groups of ISM students have been grouped according to their known talents, skills or abilities and will be the NHS Smile Representatives. They will be showcased to their peers with the aim of getting friends to help sponsor them. The money raised in that sponsorship will go towards funding an individual surgery for a child. Everyday in the Kantina, students have the opportunity to pledge to back their friends who are Smile Reps with a cash donation in order to raise funds for Smile Week. On Friday of Smile Week, the Smile Reps will be able to offer their services to those who have sponsored them! This is a great feature that NHS has created in order to involve the entire student body in Smile Week.

Smile Week is certainly an exciting upcoming event for a great cause, and hopefully NHS will be able to raise enough money for the 20 surgeries. Support and participate in Smile Week through donations and purchases to help someone smile!