IASAS CC Expectations


Article by Alfonso Syquia

This week, IASAS Cultural Convention delegates are putting their final touches on performances, refining their speaking skills, and practicing their music. While Music, Forensics and delegates will be heading to Taipei American School (TAS) and Singapore American School (SAS) respectively, Art, Dance, and Drama delegates are staying here in ISM. In order to get a little more insight into the preparations for Cultural Convention at ISM, we interviewed a few of the delegates.


The dance team has decided to center their performance around the theme of “escape.” Senior Nicole B. shares, “Through a series of dances, we convey the obstacles and constrictions imposed by modern day society.” When asked what she is most excited about, Nicole says, “performing our final piece in front of the IASAS schools, of course!”


The IASAS Drama Team is performing ‘Smashing Magic.’ Set in the three days before a summer camp (Camp Birchwood) begins, the play follows the lives of twelve Junior Counselors as they plan for the arrival of their middle school campers. The JCs end up learning things about themselves and others, as well as the transition from childhood to adulthood along the way. When asked what students should look forward to, senior Sophia Q. states, “This performance comes straight from our stories and experiences and is therefore very close to our hearts. Students should prepare for some emotional moments, whether it’s stressful or lighthearted!”


IASAS Art is slightly different as they must curate an exhibition showcasing the best artworks of ISM. Senior Ten M. says, “I’m most excited for the art workshops I’ll be attending, especially because I’ll be joined by the delegates of the other schools, it’ll be a great learning environment.” Moreover, Ten believes that this experience will be vital in developing and growing as an artist. “I’d already envisioned myself pursuing art as my career in the future, and I knew that partaking in Cultural Convention would be a chance for me to network with other artists and learn a new set of skills I’ll find useful in the studio!” she says.

Though these areas of Cultural Convention may seem quite different, the three areas seem to have one thing in common. Nicole B. says “Cultural Convention is an opportunity for avid artists and performers to showcase their talents. It is such an amazing experience to be surrounded by people who share the same passions as you.”

Make sure you support your fellow Bearcats, as well as the other IASAS schools, by watching the Dance and Drama performances and viewing the Art exhibition from March 1 – 3!