Snapchat Receives Backlash After New Update

Article by Dezimey Kum

PSA: Snapchat has a new look! Recently, the company made significant changes to the app such as the discover page, friend screen, and stories. Remember when there was a separate screen for conversations and posting/viewing stories? Well now, the “Friends” page is a combination of incoming snapchats and stories. And get this, there is no chronological order. What used to be the story page is now a discover page filled with  trending and sponsored content. However, the new page has made it easier for people to avoid advertisements. Sorry, Snapchat.

Despite the update’s attempt to reach a broader audience, it hasn’t sparked positive reactions. In fact, the internet is in a frenzy, with reviews ranging from confusion to anger. Almost a million people have signed a petition on to bring the old Snapchat back and on Twitter, a fake tweet impersonating Snap said it would remove the update with 50,000 retweets. The tweet has 1.4 million retweets so far.

What the new update looks like.

Many in the Bearcat community aren’t happy about the change either. Senior Shana K. says, “I don’t like the new snapchat update and it’s very confusing. You can’t check people’s stories and using DJ Snake’s words, ‘email would be easier than the new Snapchat update’.” The new Snapchat is so bad that sophomore Samna O. says, “it hurts my brain because I don’t even know how to send snaps anymore. I was already really comfortable with the old one. I could always go there to message my friends, and even though the new update allows me to do the same, I don’t enjoy Snapchat now like I did before.”

Although there are many upset Snapchat users, others woke up to their snap looking exactly the same as it always has. The update automatically installs on phones that have been upgraded to the latest iOS and Android operating systems. Sophomore Ishani S. says, “I have a crappy Samsung phone, so no matter how bad the new update is it really doesn’t matter because it wasn’t gonna work with my phone anyway.Therefore, I’m completely indifferent to the new update.”

As of now, there hasn’t been a statement from Snapchat on whether the app will revert to the old version. However, the company has said that users should not try to delete the app off their phone and download it back, due to the risk of losing old memories. If you are one of the lucky ones that has not received the update, well, be on the lookout because you could be next.