Month: March 2018

Third Season Pre-IASAS Recap

Article by: Sana Singru The weekend of March 17 was a significant one for many as the third season sports athletes travelled to compete in their respective Pre-IASAS exchanges. This was the perfect opportunity for the players to get an understanding of their competition as well as an insight into their own strengths and weaknesses. […]


Erasing The Golf Stigma

Article by Cecilia Ignacio If there’s one sport many question, it’s golf. Many ask, “is golf even a real sport?” and underestimate its rigor. Thus, Bamboo Telegraph decided to gather some insight in hopes of erasing the stigma that surrounds golf. Sophomore golf athlete and last year’s MVP, Martin A., says he feels that it […]


Tips and Tricks on How To Get Enough Sleep

Article by Putra Wibowo You’ve heard the joke too many times: teenagers should get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night! For the majority of our high school Bearcats, this goal seems impossible to achieve. With activities like sports, tutoring, and testing prep courses, combined with the inherent desire to procrastinate, resting […]