Battle of the Bands Recap

Article by Lauren Zhou

On the 10th February, nearly a thousand members of the ISM community attended the annual Battle Of the Bands (BOB) Finals. The event showcased a myriad of performances by talented individuals. Eight bands and seven vocalists battled it out on the stage as they each performed two songs of their choice to steal the hearts of the audience and more importantly the judges. Here is what audience members and performers had to say about the event:

Sophomore Yuri T. is a new student, and was an audience member of this year’s BOB finals. She says, “My first Battle of the Bands was great! I didn’t expect it to be this good. In BSM, we have a similar event, but I enjoy ISM’s more because there are so many amazing performances. You can tell a lot of effort goes into the event!”

Sophomore Carolina.E  was lead singer of the band, “Twisted Adobo”, which won the Audience Choice Award. When asked about how she felt about her performance, she answered, “ At first, I was praying before I got up on stage, because I was extremely nervous, but when I eventually began singing all my jitters disappeared, and I was able to feel at ease.” Carolina says, “This year was my second year performing at BOB, and it has always been memorable and exciting for me.”

Freshman, Cristian L. was the lead guitarist of the band, “Black Tears”, which placed third for in the band section. He says, “Performing in general is always something to look forward to, and I always just try to have the most fun that I can without taking away from the quality of the actual music. Performing with my bandmates is especially fun because we all have this chemistry that makes it really enjoyable. It’s also fun to laugh at them onstage when they mess up, even though we’re not supposed to. I really enjoyed the event, not only because I got to rock out and be myself onstage, but also because of all the amazing bands and performers!”

Senior, Iris M. was a vocalist, and placed third in the vocalist section. When asked to describe her experience at BOB Finals, she replied, “Performing at my final BOB was absolutely indescribable. I poured my entire heart and soul into those two songs, and to see people actually tearing up in the audience because of my words was amazing to see. I enjoyed BOB because of that unique opportunity I had to inspire people to be kinder and more positive towards one another.”

BOB is always filled with music and fun, but often we forget it’s also a student-led fundraising event with the goal of extending helping hands to the greater Filipino community. This year, each person who attended BOB helped provide funds for organizations such as Operation Smile, Project BEST, and Nature Kids of Siargao, among others. Overall, BOB 2018 was a huge success and I know many of us are already looking forward to the next one!