Individual v.s. Team Sports

Article by Jaime Chuidian

Sports are an opportunity to gain an array of emotional and physical benefits, from building one’s own self esteem to collaborating with teammates. However, within sports, there is a constant debate between which type of sport one can benefit the most from. This raises the question: In the grand scheme of things, is there a drastic difference between one thriving in an individual sport or a team sport?

ISM’s third season is well underway and Pre – IASAS is right around the corner. As each sport is well into the groove of their rigorous training, it stirs up the idea of competing individually in comparison to competing as a team. Senior Ryan S., captain of the Rugby Varsity Team and a distance thrower for the track and field team, claims, “Individual and team sports are both two entirely different playing fields – on one end you are mentally psyching yourself up to throw a far javelin, and on the other end, you’re shifting across the field to make a cover tackle for one of your teammates.” Although both sports may seem physically demanding in their respective areas, Ryan S. acknowledges the unique characteristics that they possess. However, he adds, “Even though they seem significantly different, it’s not always the highest level of intensity that makes you the best, but it’s the ability to remain  composed through it all.”


Similarly, another flourishing team and individual athlete, Steffie F.,  shared her pre-race feelings, saying, “My nerves literally are on another level before I sprint. The tense rush of emotions before my race can’t compare to anything in the world, it’s so hard.” As Steffie described her pre-race anxiety, she also contrasted it to her feelings before a basketball game which she described as a lot more “chill”. “Throughout the whole season, we build this relationship with one another, allowing us to rely and know that each teammate will do their part for the team.” She says, “So that’s why, I feel like it’s a lot less stressful to go into a a basketball game than sprint in track. But don’t get me wrong, I love them both!”

Ultimately, whether you have reached your pinnacle of athleticism through playing defense or breaking the 100m sprinting record, it is the values and lessons that you take out of it that matters the most.

So Bearcats, what’re you waiting for? If it’s gracefully playing golf to smashing one another on the rugby pitch, find your sport that you can flourish in!