Tips and Tricks on How To Get Enough Sleep

Article by Putra Wibowo

You’ve heard the joke too many times: teenagers should get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night! For the majority of our high school Bearcats, this goal seems impossible to achieve. With activities like sports, tutoring, and testing prep courses, combined with the inherent desire to procrastinate, resting our bodies doesn’t seem like a viable option. Defying all the odds, one must somehow squeeze in those recommended hours of sleep in order to function proactively the next morning and not get trapped in the pernicious cycle of repeated sleep-deprivation. We interviewed members of our high-school community for some advice on strategies they have found useful to improve their quality of sleep.

When asked if he uses any tools to aid his sleep, junior Jerico B. said, “I listen to white noise or natural sounds as I am studying and sleeping. The whole ambience is very calming and helps me decompress after the stress of studying.” According to a Business Insider article, “It [white noise] drowns out loud noises so you’re less likely to hear them. Plus, the monotony of white noise makes it easy to ignore. So, it’s unlikely to prevent you from falling asleep in the first place” (Reilly & Orwig).

Junior Anjo N. prefers to adopt a more unconventional strategy by altering his sleep time, saying, “I end up procrastinating a lot at night, so I’ll do a little bit of work, but then sleep at around 9:00pm. I would then wake up at 4:00am, giving me a solid 2 hours to do some work. The morning is just the most optimum time for me to be productive.” If you are an early-bird, this might be strategy to consider.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule during both weekdays and weekends is a crucial factor in cultivating a balanced and healthy body for the day. Junior Seo Young O. states, “Monday mornings are the absolute worst if you try to pull all-nighters in the weekend, as it’s difficult for your body to adjust so drastically. I sleep at the same time everyday, at around 10:00-11:00pm, and I believe that I am receiving quality rest every time.”

Although the second semester is a whirlwind of obstacles, with end-of-year exams coming up in a few months and the mock exams for seniors in a few weeks, it’s important to remain focused and prioritize sleep to regulate productivity levels for the future. Shutting your books and laptops down during a 1:00am grind can prove to be more beneficial than pulling that all nighter in the long run.



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