Erasing The Golf Stigma

Article by Cecilia Ignacio

If there’s one sport many question, it’s golf. Many ask, “is golf even a real sport?” and underestimate its rigor. Thus, Bamboo Telegraph decided to gather some insight in hopes of erasing the stigma that surrounds golf.

Sophomore golf athlete and last year’s MVP, Martin A., says he feels that it is actually one of the most complicated and difficult sports to play. “On the physical side, it requires a lot of training to be able to hit the ball consistently.” Golf requires players to complete different shots which have various amounts of power in each hit, elevating the difficulty of the sport. Furthermore, consistency is a key aspect in several sports that helps athletes better their game. Martin also notes the importance of a strong mental fortitude claiming that without it, “you would quickly find yourself struggling to play due to distraction and frustration over your mistakes.” Similar to other sports, golf is tough and constantly relies on one’s mental strength to help overcome difficult situations such as pressure.  

Additionally, Martin said that even though golf is not at par with other sports when it comes to factors like physical exertion, he wants the ISM community to understand that golf is very competitive, especially when it comes to the IASAS team. Martin said, “It still requires a lot of skill and training in order to succeed.” Despite the fact that there is not as much physical activity involved compared to sports such as basketball or tennis, golf athletes still train and work hard just like any other athlete participating in any other sport.

Although there is a current stigma surrounding golf, Martin isn’t bothered by people’s doubts about the validity of golf as a real sport. Golf has been known as many things such as a “rich person’s sport” or even an “old man’s sport” because people underestimate its complexity and the effort put into it. However, Martin still claims to love and play the sport, and says “I still enjoy it and will let others think what they want about golf.”