Filipino Spring Break Destinations

Article by Carmel Limcaoco

With the stress of mocks, EEs, and IAs currently taking over students’ lives, there’s no question as to why the upcoming spring break is greatly anticipated. Some students may be excited to finally return to their home countries, or visit new exotic places, but for others, the break may seem much less exciting. Even if you’re staying in the Philippines for the break, there are plenty of things to do within the country or even within the city! Here is a list of things to do in the Philippines over spring break.


Not so far from Manila lies Baguio, a beautiful mountain province. Spend a week in the Baguio Country Club, nearby plenty of tourist spots. Go ziplining between hills, horseback riding on colourful ponies, or simply enjoy the cool weather, a much needed contrast from the stifling Manila heat.



Anilao is one of the most beautiful diving spots that the Philippines has to offer. Situated 2.5 hours away from Manila, spend the week snorkeling, diving, or boating with your friends and family. If you’re less enthusiastic about spending time in the water, simply lounge on the shore and soak up the heat. See the gorgeous coral reefs and the diverse marine life that the Philippines is famous for!



Siargao is increasingly becoming an extremely popular vacation spot. Siargao is a small island situated in the Philippine sea known for its beautiful and mysterious beaches. It boasts fine, white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Spend your time in a secluded beach with tidal rock pools, or in a luxurious beach resort. Surf on picture-perfect waves with your friends and family!



If you’re hesitant to stray very far away from home, Tagaytay is the perfect destination for you. Situated only an hour or so away from Manila, the cool mountain province holds Taal Lake and the famous Taal Volcano. Tagaytay is perfect for relaxed weekends with your friends and family. Whether you’re dining at Antonio’s, de-stressing at the resort, or even ziplining at Picnic Grove, Tagaytay is the perfect spring break destination.


Go trapezing

Staying in Manila? Try your hand at trapezing, a fun sport that you can try in Taguig at Trapeze Manila. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, the instructors at Trapeze Manila will be able to get you swinging through the air in no time.


Go wakeboarding

In Calamba, Laguna, try your hand at wakeboarding at Republ1c Wakepark. This waterpark offers wakeboarding in two different lakes and offers classes for both advanced wakeboarders and beginner wakeboarders. This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill with your friends and family, and the wakepark is not too far away from Manila.