Third Season Pre-IASAS Recap

Article by: Sana Singru

The weekend of March 17 was a significant one for many as the third season sports athletes travelled to compete in their respective Pre-IASAS exchanges. This was the perfect opportunity for the players to get an understanding of their competition as well as an insight into their own strengths and weaknesses.

The ISM badminton teams traveled to Taipei to compete at the home of the Tigers. The results of the games yielded positive results with both girls and boys teams placing third overall. In regards to her experience, junior Audrey S. says, “I love being able to play competitively on court against challenging opponents, and then to come off and meet these incredible, friendly people! It’s always such a fun and unique experience to visit another IASAS school, and to see the culture (and food) from their country firsthand while bonding with teammates and making new friends!”

The ISM baseball team traveled to ISKL where they got their first impression of the competitive level that will be present at IASAS. Overall, they placed third, just like the badminton teams. The experience they gained from this competition will undoubtedly prove useful as they prepare for IASAS. The softball girls, in particular, were presented the opportunity to learn a great deal. Junior Jennifer S. says, “We won 1 and lost 4. We took a couple L’s but we’re gonna bounce back at IASAS. It was a great learning experience where we got to assess ourselves and check out what we were up against.”

The ISM track team was extremely successful in Bangkok with many athletes placing in the top five for their event.

The Bearcat community hopes that all the athletes had a terrific experience at Pre-I and are motivated for the season ahead! With these results, ISM is eagerly waiting for a wonderful IASAS in April.