Dance Company Presents: 100% Dance Co.!

Article by Alfonso Syquia

As the school year draws to a close, Dance Company gears up for their biggest event yet. ISM’s Dance Co. is made up of the High School’s most talented dancers. Every year, their final performance, called 100% Dance Co., is an event students always look forward to. With Dance Co. putting their final touches on the event, it’s the perfect time to gain more insight on their preparations.

Freshman Martina Q. states, “preparing for my first 100% has been exciting yet challenging. I enjoy learning different dances of various styles choreographed by my classmates, but it is difficult to memorize all of them quickly.” Martina’s sister and four year member of Dance Co., Mandy Q., shares this same feeling of excitement. However, she also admits that “there are definitely moments when we are choreographing and rehearsing where I find myself feeling sentimental.  Dancing has been a major part of my high school experience and this will be my last performance in high school and in ISM and it’s hard for me to believe that I’m not going to be doing it anymore.”

Ms. Yek Barlongay began to share the immense dedication that the Dance Co. members must have throughout the whole process. The production really is 100% Dance Company; “the members take charge of everything. They choreograph their own dance, they perform 8-10 repertoire each, they are assigned to do the designs for our program and posters, promote their shows, write the script, and so on”.

One of the most important things Dance Co. must do is first come up with a theme for the performance. With this year’s 100% being in the Little Theatre instead of the FAT, Dance Co. decided to be a little bit more creative with their theme. “We tried to base this year’s theme off of the board game CLUE since we are in the LT this year, and we decided that it would be a fun and more intimate thing to do with the smaller stage and closer audience,” Mandy explains.

With this year being Mandy’s last, she expresses that “I’m most excited about just being able to have fun and perform all my dances for the last time with a group of people that are like my ISM family.” Moreover, with this being Martina’s first 100%, she shares that “though I initially had difficulty with choreographing dances, as it is my first time doing so, I am personally excited to be able to dance with my sister, especially since this is her last year at ISM.”

Despite the struggles Dance Co. has had with adjusting to the LT this year, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot students should look forward to. “The different dance styles used in year’s 100% is a little more diverse with more quirky dances. We also tried to create a story line that connects all the pieces together as well so that audience members can follow along,” shares Mandy.

Make sure you catch 100% Dance Co. on April 19 in the Little Theatre! It will definitely be one for the books.