Goodbye, Seniors: What I Learned In High School

Article by Richa Shah

Imagine always dreaming about experiencing your very last days as a high schooler and looking back at all the memories you have created throughout your four-year journey of constant perseverance and determination. Now, imagine that day finally arrives. The time has come to bid farewell to your comfort zone – your high school – and step out into the real world by welcoming the new challenges and obstacles of college life. This is exactly how our seniors are feeling, as they have just left to study for their final IB exams. Friday, April 20, was the seniors’ last day as a high school batch, so, in light of that, we decided to ask them to reflect on their four years by explaining to us how valuable their high school experience was.

When asked what the most valuable lesson she had learned throughout high school, Amy H. emphasized, “friendships and time management.” Having done the rigorous IB program, Amy believes that time management is key, as “it helps with college applications and life in general.” Amy also added that she was “heavily impacted by her high school experience due to the relationships she was able to build with teachers and peers.”

Similarly, Atheer A., another member of the Class of 2018, stated that being part of the ISM High School community taught her the significance of batch spirit. “I loved how each year during Battle of the Bearcats we came together as one batch,” explains Atheer. She also added that it is important to “be respectful of different personal backgrounds,” which was something that was part of her four-year experience. Studying at an international school means being exposed to multiple different nationalities, cultures and traditions, and Atheer mentioned that she felt as if she shared the “same home” as everybody else in her grade due to how inclusive her peers were.

High school students often find it difficult to devote time towards communicating with their family due to high stress levels, as well as demanding schoolwork and extracurricular activities, which made Emiri K. learn the importance of her family. “When you’re in high school, you actually realize how important your family is,” expresses Emiri. Not only are they there to support you throughout the rollercoaster that is high school but also to offer wise pieces of advice during rough times, which is why Emiri believes that it is essential to “value your relationship with your parents and siblings.”

Believe it or not, there are countless things you can learn from high school aside from academics, and the seniors have confirmed this themselves. The main takeaway from this, though, is enjoy your four years in high school because they will be gone before you know it. To our wonderful seniors, who are wonderful college-kids-to-be, good luck on the IB exams! You will be missed on campus.

Best of luck, Class of 2018!