Sustainability Week Recap

Article by Mayako Kruger

Sustainability Week, organised by Sustainability Council, is a week in April that hopes to make ISM a more green, earth-friendly community. They touch on four points of the sustainability compass: nature, society, wellbeing, and economy. During the week, daily announcements were made at the end of each first block of the day announcing which day of the week it was, and what events and activities were occurring.

On Monday, the council focused on wellbeing. An organized yoga session during advisory. This helped high schoolers relax and focus on themselves in time of stress and exams.

Tuesday was Earth Day! Teachers were told to turn lights and aircon off to save electricity during B block. An extra announcement at the start of Earth Hour was also made to ensure that teachers and students would remember to switch off electricity for the hour. In addition, there was a discount on the Kantina on vegetarian dishes.  A big hit this year were the metal straws being sold during high school lunch. Senior Khenzom A., a part of the Sustainability Council, said, “We looked into a number of different providers to see which was the most practical in terms of price versus contents of the pouch. In the end, we found a good provider who we ordered 50 pouches from and received in a few days.” However, the 50 pouches weren’t enough; it was such a big success that they sold out immediately. New orders were placed and will be delivered in about two weeks.

Wednesday was focused on economy as service partners gathered at school to sell their goods. The service partners of ISM and sustainability council that participated included Papaya Academy, Mayown, and The Philippines community Fund.

Thursday was dedicated to the society point of the compass and students in middle and high school were allowed to dress up in their national costume to display the diversity of the ISM community.

So was sustainability week successful? “Definitely!” says Khenzom, “One of our goals for Sustainability Council this year was to be far more public and active than previous years. I think we definitely accomplished this by having many activities and lots of publicity for each day.”