Who are IASAS athletes thankful for?

Article by Kay Shi

Practice does not make an athlete; it is the dedication and work that goes into the hours after practice has ended that does. Athletes Katie G. and Theda L. certainly know how much hard work it took to earn them that IASAS spot, but they also remember the people who got them there in the first place.

Sophomore cross-country runner Theda L. made IASAS in her freshman year and thanks her coaches for being with her every step of the way. “Both of the Respecki’s have really given me the motivation that I needed to push myself far enough. Even when I didn’t think that I could do it, they always believed in me and saw potential in me. Their training and coaching has been invaluable.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t at her peak fitness level during track season of her freshman year, yet still looks at the memories fondly and takes it upon herself to make it into an opportunity to improve, accrediting Mr. Respecki for “[helping] me believe that I could run my races, and that I had it in me to improve.” Theda is looking forward to the upcoming track season; currently training hard in order to prepare.

Katie has been very successful in both IASAS Volleyball and Badminton, helping the badminton girls clinch the bronze medal. She credits God, coaches, teammates, and family for getting her to where she is. She gives her thanks to her coaches for helping her by teaching her skills, motivation, opportunities, and feedback in both of her sports. Her coaches have helped her too, supporting her through some failed tryouts to ensure that she came back even stronger and persevered in both of her sports.

After interviewing these two amazing athletes, it came to my attention just how strong IASAS athletes are, and how much work, time, and effort it takes them to be at the level of mastery required. To all aspiring Bearcat athletes out there, we wish you the best, and never give up on your dreams–no matter how crazy they may seem to be.