Senior Prank Day

Article by Lauren Zhou

For some of us, our last days of high school seem extremely distant;  for the rest of us, the majority of our high school days are already over. This year’s seniors have already reached their final stretch. In celebration of their final day on April 20, the seniors continued the tradition of Senior Prank Day. We interviewed some students on their thoughts on the execution of the event.

When  asked about the behind-the-scenes efforts of the event, senior Savion G. replied, “Our grade put their ideas on a document, then we chose the best ones and had a meeting with Mr. Dickinson to confirm if we could do them. However, some individuals had ideas separate from the official document which were out of our control.” Senior Calvin Z. claimed, “Senior Prank Day was the continuation of our extraordinary batch spirit this year. Although the Senior Council planned the event, I believe it was everyone’s enthusiasm and energy that really made the pranks possible and memorable. So many people arrived at 6 AM to help set up!”

When an anonymous student was asked about the execution of the pranks, she said, “I think this year’s Senior Prank Day was slightly overhyped. It only lasted half the day, and sometimes the pranks were more tedious than fun. Nevertheless, it was still entertaining.” On the other hand, sophomore Omar. K claimed, “I think that the Senior Prank this year was a good combination with their class theme, “Nightmare”; there were snakes and cockroaches in the Science hallway as well as ACT prep books in the English hall. I also enjoyed the fact that the canteen was turned into a basketball court and they had bouncers at the doors and a Security Check before entering.” Sophomore Joachim R. said, “I thought that the pranks were funny if they weren’t directed at you.”

Senior prank day has been a long-prevailing tradition in many high schools all around the world, including ISM. Although our seniors have left, they have patently made a lasting final impression on the rest of the high-school community, and many of us are already looking forward to the next Senior Prank Day.