First Season Try-Outs

Article by: Ishani S.

Graphics by: Yana P.

Tryouts tend to be both exciting and nerve-wracking for most students– first-season tryouts especially so. Coming fresh off the summer break, many athletes are eager to get back into their sport, while others may be dreading it, or even a combination of both. These athletes have begun subjecting themselves to anxious self-evaluation about whether they should have trained harder over the summer or perhaps gone to the gym a few more times. To hear more of their thoughts regarding tryouts, Bamboo Telegraph decided to interview a few athletes.

When asked what coaches are looking for, Chris H. (11) stated they watch for “collaboration, attitude and ability.” And truly, most students seem to agree with him in some way. An anonymous Sophomore said coaches almost seem to disregard athletic ability. “They’re definitely looking for people who are committed. Commitment is really important to them, almost more than actual prowess,” she says with a laugh. “I guess it makes sense because commitment and hard-work are how we improve, but still. If I had to rate it I would say they look for perseverance and commitment, then team spirit, and lastly your skills.”

Freshman Elena J. seems to have a slightly different opinion. “Coaches look for balanced people, I think. Commitment and hard-work is definitely important. But they have to factor in a lot of things for the whole team and make pretty tough decisions.”

When asked about what they’re looking forward to the most, athletes mentioned everything from playing with new team members to getting back into the sport and just having fun over the season. “We have a lot of returning members.” says Shiho K. (12) “So we’ve become a pretty tight knit community. I’m just excited to run with everyone again, see some new faces and have fun. I think we have a great team spirit and I just want to keep that up.” Sierra T. (11) agrees, “It’s nice to get back into the swing of things, I missed playing. And I’m excited to play with the team again.”

And finally here’s some advice that these hard working athletes have for future tryouts: take initiative and showcase your ability the best you can. “Tryouts can be scary but if you just train over the summer and show your commitment and team spirit, that’s probably the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success,” says Chris.

Shiho urges people to just give it a shot. She says, “Even if it’s scary, just try. At least then you have some chance of getting in as opposed to none at all. It might be intimidating, but it also might be super fun. You could realise that you love a certain sport, or maybe make new friends. It’s honestly a great experience.”