Tech Titans: Samsung versus Apple

Article by: Liam R.

Photo by: Andy S.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has had a troublesome past. Two years ago, the Galaxy Note 7 shocked the world as models began spontaneously exploding. The problem developed until it became illegal to bring the Note 7 onto airplanes, and the phone was discontinued.

Now, Samsung is finally contending with Apple with a $1000 phone of their own — the Galaxy Note 9. However, it seems that people are disappointed with the new phone, as they consider both it and the iPhone X overpriced.

With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung claims they have created the most powerful Note ever, which boasts innovative new features that they claim make it worth its price. They are advertising a larger, expandable memory, a longer-lasting battery, and a new, intelligent camera. Newer features which they have introduced include a bluetooth remote controlled S-pen, and DeX, a mode which allows the phone to act as a PC. As Samsung and Apple continue to compete in the smartphone industry, we caught up with some ISM students to see how they feel about how the companies compare.

Sophomore Marco Y. has always been an Apple lover, and owns an iPhone 6+. “I chose Apple over other competitors mainly because of the variety of programs available in Apple’s app store,” he shared. “I also prefer Apple because I find features like iCloud and iMessage very useful and efficient. Apple has also become so dominant; a lot of the modern technology that is made today ensures that their systems are compatible with that of Apple’s software.” However, there are people on both sides of the spectrum.

Junior Ethan L. has always preferred Samsung, and he uses a Galaxy Note 8. “I chose Samsung because it’s cheaper and it offers more freedom than recent Apple phones. The Android software is much more flexible than the strict IOS alternative,” he said. “The Galaxy Note 8 has much more compatibility, accessibility, and customization compared to the Apple equivalent, the iPhone 7s. It is also around 200 dollars cheaper even though it has the same hardware specifications.” Despite this, Ethan was disappointed in the Galaxy Note 9. “I’m really against how the prices in the smartphone industry have continued to rise, and I will look for other options as I’m not willing to pay $1000 for a phone.”

Companies will continue to struggle to innovate and create new and interesting technology to please their customers. As Apple has recently become the first trillion dollar company, it is evident that the brand continues to find success in their products. However, every person has their own unique preference when it comes to their phones. Because these devices have become such an important part of our society, ensure that if you do buy one, you choose one that is tailored to your specific needs.