Athlete In Focus: New Student Edition

Article by: Vivienne P.

Photo by: Alekhya R.

As the school year begins and stress levels among students rise, many students look to athletics for a much-needed break from the rigorous demands of classes. However, tryouts can be nerve-racking, particularly for new students as they navigate around the school, register for classes, and meet their new peers. However, almost all athletes at ISM can agree that trying out for a sport is an excellent way to interact with current students across high school and can also be a great opportunity to find your confidence both on and off the field, court, or track.

With tryouts coming to a conclusion and the first games for the varsity teams just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to meet new members and understand player dynamics. In anticipation of an exciting first season, this week’s athlete in focus is Matt K., a new junior on the varsity boys volleyball team.

As a three-season athlete for volleyball, rugby, and track at his former school, Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), Matt stated that he feels “pretty excited for this year and for the new volleyball team.” He went on to explain that being on the IASAS team at JIS gave him a good idea of what to expect: the commitment of four after-school trainings and multiple games per week, in particular. As a volleyball player for the past three years, Matt said that he feels he can make a positive contribution to the team, as they all “seem like really nice players.” Joining a varsity team for the first time is commonly a daunting experience for students, even more so if they are new at ISM. Matt, however, jumped right in, saying that his hope is “to definitely be in the top 3 in IASAS.” He also cited his motivation as beating his previous school, JIS, during competition. When asked about whether he’ll also be pursuing sports other than volleyball at ISM, Matt said that he’ll “definitely be trying out for rugby and track.”

The Bearcat community anxiously awaits the upcoming seasonal Friday Night Lights games, hosted at ISM, to appreciate the talent and dedication that both new and old players have put in since the first day of training. Be sure to support Matt and all the other athletes—both JV and Varsity—at their weekend games, as well as at the fast-approaching Pre-IASAS and IASAS tournaments!