An Insight Into the Online Study Community

Article and photos collected by: Richa S.

Nowadays, note-taking is considered to be a form of art. Students from all around the world have hopped on the bandwagon of bullet journaling and creating aesthetically pleasing notes, showcasing their artistic abilities with white index cards and colorful Mildliners. They post their notes on social media as a way of encouraging their viewers and followers to work harder. These study bloggers appear on either YouTube, Tumblr, or Instagram, hence the following portmanteaus: studytubes, studyblrs, and studygrams. Study blogs have redefined the online study community, helping students to become more motivated and improve their work ethic. For this reason, we have compiled a list of helpful study blogs that Bearcats can scroll through to gain inspiration, continue to be productive, and be on top of their work!


Naomi Young: @afternaomi

Naomi Young is a 20-year old who runs a successful blog on Instagram. She has established a solid fan base, with over 8,000 followers, and continues to attract more and more people by way of her aesthetically coordinated and well-edited notes. What makes her blog unique is the muted theme shown throughout her posts, as the pleasing aesthetics further give her followers an incentive to keep scrolling.

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While being Instagram-famous for her extra creative and pastel-themed notes, Therese also has a studytube with about 275,000 subscribers, and a studygram with over 100,000 followers. Her videos range from note-taking tips to her monthly stationery essentials, which do not only make learning a more enjoyable experience but also help improve students’ habits inside and outside the classroom.


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Jessica Holsman Serry: Study With Jess

Study With Jess is a YouTube channel run by Australian blogger, Jess. Her channel includes study routine videos, as well as productivity tips that every student needs. Jess is also the founder of Educationery, a brand that specializes in stationery for students, including personalized calendars, planners, and more. Moreover, she provides an online tutorial for writing the perfect essay! Jess strives to help her viewers become better students through her motivational videos and study tips, so be sure to check out her channel!


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Chloe and Morgan are currently high school juniors who share a studyblr with the handle @cmstudy. Along with their colorful posts, their blog is very relatable and wholesome as they not only share studying tips, but advice on how to live a balanced life in high school.


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Studyquill is a blog on Tumblr that consists of aesthetically pleasing and color coordinated notes. Like most studyblrs, this one ensures that students feel more productive and get on with their work after scrolling through.


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Although study blogs mainly serve the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing, you can always refer back to them to seek motivation for your work. Be sure to check out the study blogs above when you need inspiration and want to incorporate some productivity and creativity into your daily routine!