Upcoming Concerts In Manila

Article by: Amelie dL.

Graphic by: Patrick P.

For many in the ISM community, music is a unifying force. Its influence has brought millions of people together through its heartfelt messages, catchy beats, or quite literally – through concerts! At ISM, attending concerts is a great way for students to bond with their friends, listen to their favorite songs live from the artist themself, and have fun.

Recently, many artists have announced concerts in Manila, including The Weeknd and Sam Smith. This has come as a surprise to many as mainstream artists have rarely visited the Philippines to perform. Therefore, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and perfect for the ISM community!

One artist that will be coming to Manila soon is Sam Smith. A consistent chart topper, the British singer rose to fame from his collaboration with Disclosure in ‘Latch’. From that point, he gained a large following from his first album – In The Lonely Hour and iconic song “Stay With Me”, leading to several Grammys and Golden Globe awards. His songs are soulful and emotive, inspired by his favorite artists – Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

It is easy to see why many are attracted to his music. For Junior Razel S., her favorite songs are “HIM, Pray (from latest album Too Good at Goodbyes) and Good Thing (from his first album: In The Lonely Hour)” Sophomore Jasmine R. comments that “his music is so unique and different compared to the rest of the music industry. He speaks to your emotions and makes you feel things.” This is evident in his song lyrics, which are incredibly heartbreaking and talk about difficult topics such as past relationships or his religion and sexual orientation.

On the upcoming concert, junior Razel S. adds that “you expect him to constantly sing sad songs but he sings a variety so it’s a fun time. Going to these concerts are much different from listening to the artist because you’re building a connection and there’s emotional weight to it.”

Another artist coming to Manila is The Weeknd. With a whopping 25.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he has become an icon in the alternative pop industry. His songs have catchy beats and unique vocals, giving them an instant appeal. When asked about his best songs, sophomore Chloe V. states that “his first hit song ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is the best one by far.”

Whilst each song he produces garners thousands of plays, The Weeknd is best known for his song ‘Love Me Harder”, where he collaborated with Ariana Grande, and his recent EP ‘My Dear Melancholy”, in which he released ‘Call Out My Name’. When asked to describe his songs, sophomore Isabelle P. states that “his music is infused with funk, making his songs quite upbeat and fun. Every song he makes is completely different, so listeners get different experiences every time!”

With this in mind, concerts are an opportunity to see your favorite artists in a fresh and exciting new light. It’s an enjoyable experience that many are sure to appreciate! For any interested, The Weeknd will be coming on December 7, while Sam Smith will be coming on October 5. Both concerts will be held in MOA Arena.