An Overview of the Visual Arts Club (VAC)

Article by: Kirtana D.

Graphic by: VAC

ISM provides artists with innumerable opportunities to pursue their passion, including music, theater, dance and many other events organized by the Fine Arts department. However, one club stands out with its sole purpose of focusing on the visual aspect of arts: the Visual Arts Club (VAC). This is a club where anyone from new to experienced artists can join to showcase their skills. VAC provides various opportunities to do so, including VAC stickers and designing posters for events of other clubs. It has emerged as the premier organization that allows artists to explore visual art without any boundaries.

Founded by alumni Sarah Kim, class of 2013, VAC was initially a pilot club before it became a recognized club in 2013. In its early days, it contributed ace painting booths for the ES Carnival and Family Fun Day. Co-President Kay S. says, “Now, four years later, VAC is supporting young artists with passion and a dream- with its birth of punny cards, Bearcat Cafe murals, and an art show to boot.” She elaborates that VAC’s mission is “to create an environment where visual art is appreciated, as well as celebrated, and has done just that with its IASAS-themed bake sales, and seasonal cards. VAC is the perfect outlet for students who wish to further enhance their art skills, or try out new media.”

Similar to every club, VAC has an organized council that plans their meetings and activities efficiently. Co- President Rhia M. says, “We plan every meeting, every event, and every Saturday Service with a lot of care and attention in order to allow for things to run as smoothly as possible. As Co-Presidents, we are responsible for being key communicators with our advisor, Ms. Wong, and make key decisions and delegates jobs. We manage artistic or promotional requests from other clubs, and makes sure that poster requests are completed to a high quality and are on time.”

This year, the VAC is enforcing an attendance system similar to Bamboo Telegraph and the Honor Societies. Rhia says, “For general members, we are going to really keep track of attendance this year, and we are implementing a strike system. If a member gets three strikes, they are excluded from participating in any VAC-related projects and will be asked to leave the club. Tardiness and absence from meetings and to events and sales, as well as unexcused tardiness in turning in artwork can result in a strike.”

As a place where artists can portray their work freely, VAC hopes to “grow to a large community that will hopefully grow into a place where we can give back to our community through one of the most beautiful ways possible- art!”