Pre-IASAS Cancelled?

Article & Graphics by: Yana P.

Edited by: Margarita T.

With only a few days before Pre-IASAS tournaments were meant to begin, Mr. Pekin, ISM’s Director of Athletics, has announced that the volleyball and soccer exchanges have been cancelled.

The decision was made in light of news that the approaching super-typhoon Mangkhut will further develop in intensity along a projected path that includes Manila, Bangkok and Taipei. With the primary concern being the safety of the students, the administrations of ISM, ISB and TAS have chosen against allowing athletes to travel between countries at this time. As such, the soccer teams will not be flying to Taipei, while ISB and TAS teams will also not be flying into Manila for the volleyball exchange.

This has been met with disappointment by the hardworking students who were selected to participate in the event. Senior Audrey S., who would have been participating in her last Pre-IASAS tournament, remarked, “The whole team is really disappointed not to be able to play TAS & ISB this weekend. Imaya, Ursula, Alexa, and I are especially let down, since as seniors it was our last chance to ever play IASAS schools with our home crowd supporting us!” She further expanded on the missed opportunity of playing against schools before IASAS in October, saying, “It’s always an advantage to play IASAS schools ahead of the final tournament, but more than that we’ll miss the spirit, energy, and competition that come with every Pre-IASAS.”

However, despite the disappointing news, Friday’s volleyball games will proceed as scheduled with ISM playing against local schools instead. Additionally, cross country and dance exchanges, held in Bangkok and Jakarta, respectively, will take place as planned.