Battle of the Bearcats Hype!

Article By: Mayako K.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

Photos collected by: Elena D.

The Battle of the Bearcats, also known as BOB, is one of the most anticipated events of the school year. As students finally settle into their busy schedules and assessment plans, BOB is a great way for students to relax and come together as a high school by competing with other grades in various events, spirit, and sportsmanship. While events focus on activities such as sports like basketball or football, other Bearcat talents such as cake decorating and human calculator are taken into account.

Class of 2018 as Juniors: BOB theme ‘1NVINCI8LE’

Although the events are a key part of BOB, spirit and sportsmanship are what determine BOB’s “winner.” Each batch is given the opportunity to demonstrate their spirit, with each batch coming up with a theme to represent their grade. Examples from the 2017 BOB include the Class of 2021’s Alive, 2020’s Ascension, 2019’s Riot, and 2018’s Night. Based on the name, students create cheers and merchandise prior to the event, dedicated to getting into the spirit of BOB. An important factor of BOB’s cheering aspect is sustainability. All noisemaking and cheering equipment, banners and flags need to be sustainable. In past years grades have used recycled water jugs, newspaper, and old bedsheets.

Class of 2018 as Seniors: BOB theme ‘N18HT’

This year, faculty, class councils, and ISSBA have been working tirelessly to make this event the best it can be. An example of this are the preparations currently being done by the sophomore council. Such preparation includes ordering items online, setting up different committees and creating schedules. The combined efforts of the class councils and batch members make the BOB experience even more enjoyable.

As a new student or freshman, BOB can be both exciting and confusing. Sophomore Rosa K., a new student at ISM, states, “I think it sounds great and I’m excited to see it for the first time since I haven’t experienced anything like this in my past schools.” She adds, “I’m most excited to see the spirit of the school including that from other grades.”

bob pic 1
Class of 2021 as Freshmen: BOB theme ‘A21VE’

While new students like Rosa are not entirely sure of what to expect, many are already accustomed to BOB culture. Senior Saad A. expressed his confidence in winning BOB again (Class of 2019 were the winners of BOB 2017) as long as “the enthusiasm within the batch is kept up.”

With such a spirited high school community and all batches arduously working on their preparations for BOB 2018, it is certain that the Bearcats can look forward with excitement to this year’s long-awaited event.