Filipino Coach-In-Focus: Coach Aaron

Article by: Liz S.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Photo by: Manapo I.

As with other IASAS sports here at ISM, volleyball has a special place in every Bearcat’s heart. From the full bleachers during FNL, to the numerous views volleyball live streams get during every IASAS championships, the clout around the sport is real.

Every athlete on the team pours their heart and soul into every dig, spike and smash they make on the court. However, it’s important to acknowledge the incredibly integral members of the team that make sure every athlete is in tip-top shape and ready for anything that comes their way during games–the coaches.

The varsity boys volleyball team has a special unsung hero that they owe a lot of their success to, Coach Aaron. Coach Aaron is the head coach of the team, and is one of the only Filipino head coaches in ISM. His expertise is undeniable as he coaches more than just the ISM volleyball team. “I’m currently coaching a college team, the college of St. Benilde and I’m coaching also a woman’s club team.” He notes. Although it is his first official year coaching, he mentioned that he has been acquainted with our volleyball athletes for years now. “I was given the privilege to coach ISM graduates in the past and I think the diversity of the student athletes here in ISM encouraged me to become an official coach.”

Coach Aaron is very excited to be working with our varsity volleyball team, citing their adaptability and eagerness to improve their skills and grow as a team. “The best part of working with ISM’s volleyball team is their enthusiasm. They’re very enthusiastic to learn new skills and techniques despite the fact that we only have two and a half months to work on these.” He said happily.

Filipino coach in focus 1
Coach Aaron

When asked about his expectations for the rest of the season, he embraces the uncertainty the new season has in store, especially considering five key players on the team recently graduated. “Of course we’re hoping for a podium finish. Although we’re at an uncertain point because we have five key spots to fill on the team, I’m sure with the enthusiasm of the team, we have the potential to place high.”

As we get closer and closer to the highly coveted IASAS championships, we look forward to what Coach Aaron and his team have in store for their matches. Good luck to all our varsity IASAS athletes who never fail to train hard for their love for the school and the sport. Go Bearcats!