Coach In Focus: Mr. MacInnes

Article By: Kylie C.

Edited by: Justin S.

Graphic by: Rhia M.

Just as students are slowly adjusting to being back at school, so are season one athletes with their regular practices. With Friday Night Lights coming up, our season one athletes (for volleyball, soccer and cross country) have been practicing eagerly, getting closer with the team and, overall, working extremely hard together. Coaches are no exception, endlessly working hard to come up with new strategies for games, organising each game, and supporting the whole team.


To get more insight into the responsibilities and expectations of a coach, this week’s coach in focus is Mr. MacInnes, the varsity soccer coach. Mr. MacInnes has been the soccer varsity coach for seven years now, therefore having many years of experience as a coach. When asked about the most important aspect of coaching, he replied that it was “building relationships with the players so we understand their character in such a way that we can get the best out of them.”


When asked more about his expectations for the team this year, he replied that his, as well as the whole team’s, expectations were: “that each and every player recognises the privilege they enjoy when they wear the Bearcat shirt; that each player works hard for the team in every training session and every game; that we never give up on the game, on ourselves, on each other.” As a coach, he plans on ensuring that the team “trains hard, analyses the footage of each game, and focuses on the areas for improvement, both individually and collectively” to hone their skills and strengthen them as players and teammates.  


With not only the athletes, but also the coaches, working extremely hard to improve the state of the ISM sports teams for this season, come check out your Bearcats play in their games and future IASAS events!